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Summer is high-risk time for collisions in Tennessee

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2019 at 3:39 pm    

If you’re a baby boomer or older, you may recall a time in the U.S. when it was commonplace for families to take Sunday drives. Especially when motor vehicles were still novelties, it was a sign of prestige and affluence to take one’s family out on the open road and wave to passers-by. Summertime drives were a favorite of many.

Nowadays, you might feel as though your life is at risk (and it is) if you drive during summer in Tennessee. That’s because summer happens to be one of the most dangerous times of year for motorists and pedestrians alike. There are several key factors that make summer months potentially deadly roadway times. If you’re aware of these issues before getting behind the wheel, you may lower your risk for injury. If you’re involved in a crash, it’s critical to know where to seek support.

More people, more cars

You may be among thousands of others who love to travel around Tennessee during summer. The fact that there are typically more people on the road means there are also more vehicles, and that the risk for accidents increases.

More teenagers, too

A large portion of the increased summer road population happens to include teenagers. While the younger people in your family may not like to hear it, teenagers increase everyone’s risk for roadway collisions for several reasons. They are often inexperienced, they often lack the judgment skills needed to make quick decisions in traffic, and they often exhibit behaviors that are dangerous while driving, such as texting, taking selfies or changing stations on their car radios.

Summer heat can cause tire damage

Do you know that high temperatures can cause your car tires to expand with air? If your tires aren’t in good shape, this can cause a blow-out! The problem is that, even if you regularly check the tires on your family’s vehicles, it’s no guarantee that the drivers nearby have done the same.

Summer equals celebrations that often include alcohol

There are many drunk drivers on the road during summer. It stays light out longer every day, and people who love to party often day-drink when they’re on vacation. If you’re unfortunate enough to share the road with an intoxicated driver, your life and those of your passengers may be at risk.

If the worst happens

The blunt-force trauma that often occurs upon impact in a motor vehicle accident can leave you partially or fully disabled for the rest of your life. Even minor accident injuries can impede your ability to enjoy life, especially once medical bills start piling up. The good news is that you can seek recovery for your losses if a summertime driver’s negligence causes you injury.

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