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Nashville motorcycle crash highlights left-turn dangers

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2019 at 3:39 pm    

Motorcycle enthusiasts in Tennessee and elsewhere are aware of the many unique hazards they face every time they ride. While dangers frequently present themselves in the form of adverse weather or poor road conditions, other drivers are a major risk for bikers.

As discussed numerous times previously, drivers of passenger cars and trucks often have difficulty seeing motorcycles in traffic. They may be unaccustomed to sharing the road with smaller, faster vehicles or not paying attention for motorcyclists. As RideApart explains, other drivers show up more than once in a list of the 10 most common motorcycle crash types. Bikers may be interested in learning that the top cause of motorcycle wrecks involves another driver turning left in the bike’s path.

Drivers who turn in front of motorcycles may not have noticed the oncoming bike or might have incorrectly judged the motorcycle’s speed or distance. A tragic crash that occurred this August in Nashville was an unfortunate example. The Tennessean reported that a driver turning left in front of a motorcycle caused the two bikers to be thrown. One of the bikers was killed when she was struck by another vehicle coming from the opposite direction; her partner was seriously injured. Authorities were searching for the driver who fled the scene of the crash, while the first driver who turned in front of the bike reported he didn’t see the oncoming motorcycle.

The above incident also illustrates how the victim’s surviving family members, as well as the man who was injured, may seek to pursue compensation.

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