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Product Liability Claims Archives

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall: Exploding Phones

Out of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphone made by Samsung, the company has recalled nearly 1 million in the U.S. alone because a defective battery component may cause them to violently explode. While a cell phone may explode, it is normally very rare, occurring only about one or two times per year in the U.S. Samsung's Note 7 phones have exploded in at least 100 different instances. When the phones explode, they can cause dangerous fires, burning property and injuring people.

Who is Liable When an Allergen is Not Listed on a Product Label?

Exposure to certain allergens can lead to serious medical complications, and even death, which is why manufacturers and sellers must list ingredients on packaged food, supplements and drugs. Failure to do so can leave them liable under product liability law.

Letting the Air Out of Inflatable Toys

While seemingly safe and innocuous, inflatable toys sent 113,272 people to emergency rooms between 2003 and 2013. Most dangerous of all were the inflatable "Moon Bounce" that is designed to launch individuals high into the air. These "toys" were responsible for over 90% of ER visits within this 10-year period. In the United States, manufacturers of inflatable devices can be held accountable for poor design, poor construction, and product failure when their products cause injury or wrongful death to users.

What is considered a manufacturer defect?

In Tennessee, products liability lawsuits are governed by the Tennessee Products Liability Act. This law provides a way for consumers to sue companies that sell defective products. There are several different categories of products liability, one of which is manufacturing defect. As any product liability lawyer in Tennessee knows, pursuing a manufacturing defect claim requires that plaintiffs satisfy specific burdens of proof.

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