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How Braking Distance Changes

Big rig accidents are often linked to braking problems. Braking distance can be impacted by many factors, including speed, vehicle maintenance, and road conditions. A semi truck accident attorney should review these factors with victims following a collision.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall: Exploding Phones

Out of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphone made by Samsung, the company has recalled nearly 1 million in the U.S. alone because a defective battery component may cause them to violently explode. While a cell phone may explode, it is normally very rare, occurring only about one or two times per year in the U.S. Samsung's Note 7 phones have exploded in at least 100 different instances. When the phones explode, they can cause dangerous fires, burning property and injuring people.

What Riders Should Know About Motorcycle Crashes

Riders swear by the freedom they feel as they cruise down the road atop their two-wheeled machines. While many enjoy riding their motorcycles for both work and pleasure, the reality is that motorcycles can be inherently dangerous to ride. Each year, thousands of cyclists are injured or killed when a pleasure ride turns into a nightmare.

When Toxic Food Claims Lives

Each year, roughly 48 million people are afflicted with a foodborne illness. Many thousands of these require medical treatment that may include hospitalization. Wrongful death attorneys know that most serious cases can lead to death and each year the CDC estimates that 3,000 people die from foodborne diseases.

Letting the Air Out of Inflatable Toys

While seemingly safe and innocuous, inflatable toys sent 113,272 people to emergency rooms between 2003 and 2013. Most dangerous of all were the inflatable "Moon Bounce" that is designed to launch individuals high into the air. These "toys" were responsible for over 90% of ER visits within this 10-year period. In the United States, manufacturers of inflatable devices can be held accountable for poor design, poor construction, and product failure when their products cause injury or wrongful death to users.

How Psychological Abuse Impacts Nursing Home Patients

The National Center for Elder Abuse estimates that between 7.6-10% of nursing home residents have experienced abuse within the past year. Of these, less than 1 in 14 incidents of elder abuse are brought to the attention of authorities. Psychological abuse is one of the most insidious forms of abuse. Unlike physical abuse, it leaves no physical marks to discover. The wounds of psychological abuse are internal and can severely impact patient health. Patients who are physically or psychologically abused are 300% more likely to pass away earlier than their peers who are not abused.

How Maintenance Affects Wreck Rates

Improper maintenance is a leading cause of semi-truck Wrecks in America. As operating costs rise, many companies and drivers neglect maintenance in order to cut costs. For example, the average cost of tires increased 18% from 2010 to 2011. This caused many companies to put off replacing them until they could find cheaper alternatives.

Parents Vigilant After Slip And Fall Wrecks

Each year close to 10 million Americans make a trip to the emergency room after a slip and fall Wreck. Bumps, bruises, broken bones are the most common complaints, but traumatic brain injury represents a significant risk. After a child is involved in a slip and fall Wreck, parents must remain aware of the warning signs of concussion and other brain injuries, and inform their doctor and slip and fall attorney when they notice a change in health or behavior.

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