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Beware of drunk drivers: They place your life at risk

Perhaps you're the type of person who believes in the old adage, "to each his own." Maybe you consider yourself quite open-minded when it comes to clothing styles, taste in music or religious affiliation. However, some issues in life are definitely more black-and-white, and less gray. For instance, you don't have to say much to convince someone that it is wrong to get behind the wheel of a car to drive while intoxicated.

Not only is intoxicated driving a crime in Tennessee and all other states, it places the life of the driver and any passenger, other motorists or pedestrians nearby at risk, too. Every time you drive a car, you must not only adhere to all traffic and safety regulations, you should also try to remain as alert and cautious as possible to reduce your chances of becoming involved in a collision. The problem is there's nothing you can do about another driver's behavior.

There are ways to identify potential problems on the road

You might not be able to stop another person from driving drunk. Although if it's someone you know personally, you might be successful in getting him or her to hand over the car keys. If you're driving the road and notice suspicious driving behavior, you may be able to avoid a crash by staying as far away from the problem vehicle as possible. The following list shows signs that a person driving might be drunk:

  • Drunk drivers often hunch toward their windshields. It's their body's way of trying to correct cognitive and visual impairment.
  • If you see someone gripping the wheel tightly and scrunching toward the edge of the driver's seat, it's a sign that he or she might be driving while impaired.
  • A car that remains stopped at a green light signifies that something might be awry with the driver.
  • Speeding, weaving in and out of traffic or driving dangerously close to the curb or parked vehicles are red flags that suggest drunk driving.
  • A car drifting into another lane may have a drunk driver at the wheel. This is especially dangerous when the other lane contains traffic traveling in the opposite direction.

Drunk drivers cause millions of dollars' worth of damage on Tennessee roads and other highways throughout the country, every year. Some people have narrowly escaped collision by paying close attention to their surroundings and acting quickly, but safely, to put space between their vehicles and those with suspected drunk drivers at the wheel.

What happens if a collision occurs?

If a drunk driver hits you, the sound of crashing metal, breaking glass and tires skidding might be deeply etched in your memory forever. As one of the lucky ones who survived injuries in a collision, you'll want to stay closely connected to a strong support group and a knowledgeable medical team to assist you during recovery. Many people also turn to experienced personal injury attorneys for guidance to seek legal accountability against the person who caused their injuries.

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