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The Most Common Procedures That Result in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Screen-Shot-2017-08-02-at-12.24.41-PM-300x180.pngWhile any medical procedure can result in a malpractice case, there are a few procedures that are more likely to result in such a lawsuit. Certain procedures are more likely to result in lawsuits because they are either very common or because they are incredibly complicated. The medical field requires constant vigilance and verification to ensure that patients are not put at risk.

The NYPD tracks the number of reports across the country and by state. Medical malpractice lawyers can also provide details on how to move forward following the discovery of medical malpractice.


The most common type of malpractice suit is for a doctor or institution misdiagnosing, or failing to diagnose, an ailment or injury. In these cases, a doctor may have missed a vital step or failed to take all options into account, although it is more difficult to prove this for very rare conditions.


By its nature, Anesthesia can be dangerous. Everyone can react differently, and a dose can kill someone, even if a doctor does everything right. Medical professionals must follow a very strict set of rules and regulations to protect their patients, and they must be ready to act if a patient begins to exhibit a negative reaction after an anesthetic is administered.


There are many ways that surgery can go wrong, which is why there are many regulations for surgery. From monitoring the patient to handling the equipment to the actual procedure itself, surgeons must stay aware at all times. Any kind of distraction or neglect on their part can have terrible consequences.


Similar to anesthesia, any miscalculation of a medication can be considered medical malpractice. From how the medication is administered to the dose, there are several aspects that must be examined to ensure that a patient is not prescribed or given the wrong medication or the wrong dose.


Infections are not related to any specific procedure, but they do make up a significant percentage of medical malpractice cases. The CDC has stated that one in 20 patients in hospitals will contract Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. It is a serious complication that medical professionals must monitor patients for following a hospitalization.

Medical malpractice lawyers can provide assistance to patients who are victims of medical malpractice. They can detail the steps to document the event and help collect the necessary information and evidence at the beginning of a case.

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