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Ongoing Training is Recommended for Truck Drivers


Truck drivers who undertake ongoing training are less likely to be involved in a serious collision. The US Department of Transportation estimates that truck drivers are involved in nearly half a million accidents each year. These crashes cause nearly 5,000 fatalities and more than 100,000 injuries. Over the past five years, the number of truck drivers killed in accidents has risen 11% and driving a truck remains one of the deadliest jobs in America. Increased training would save the lives of truck drivers and the motorists they share the roads with.

The Basics Just Don't Cut It

Entry-level drivers can start driving after receiving the most basic of instruction. Short courses on driver qualifications including medical certifications and examinations, hours of service regulations, driver health, and whistleblower protections are typically provided. This is followed by brief instruction and training on how to operate a truck and the features it is equipped with. As a result of often short and inadequate training programs, truck accident lawyers in Tennessee often see accidents caused by entry-level drivers who simply didn't know how to safely operate their vehicle on the road.

Training Keeps Drivers up-to-date with Regulations

The US Department of Transportation and other regulatory agencies frequently add new regulations and rules for drivers to adhere to. These include everything from changes to the hours of service requirements to the log books drivers must maintain. Routine training ensures that drivers are familiar with the rules they must follow on the road.

Training Keeps Drivers Current with Technology

Technology is evolving at a rapid clip, and there are plenty of new technologies that can help drivers do everything from streamlining their routes to improving visibility around their rig. Ongoing training introduces drivers to these technological advancements and teaches them how to use them on the road.

A Pressing Shortage Means More Inexperienced Truck Drivers

The US is currently facing a shortage of truck drivers that amounts to more than 50,000 available positions per year. As a result, companies are rushing drivers into service with the minimum amount of training required by law so they can fill these positions as quickly as possible and meet the needs of their customers.

Some training programs last only 2-3 weeks. Requiring drivers to continue formal training sessions gives them additional skills including maintenance, communication, and protocols that can help them safely operate their vehicles.

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