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Fatiged Driving is a Fatal Fault


Tight delivery schedules, increased profits, and the desire for an early weekend are no excuse for a truck driver to operate a motor vehicle beyond safe operating limits. Strict regulations are in place across the country to ensure that drivers don't drive for longer than is safe or reasonable. Even so, some drivers and their employers across the country continue to skirt the law in order to squeeze the greatest amount of revenue into their bottom lines.

Semi-truck driver fatigue is a serious problem. Studies by Stanford University have shown that fatigue impacts judgment and reaction time as much as having a .08 blood alcohol content. The university's research determined that individuals who are fatigued respond to events at just over 1/4 second longer than individuals who are well rested.

For truck drivers, the impact of fatigue on reaction time can mean the difference between avoiding a collision, or causing a fatality. Nationally, it is estimated that 1,500 fatalities, and nearly 40,000 injuries are caused by drowsy drivers each year; many of these are caused by semi-truck drivers. Equally alarming are studies conducted by Harvard University that indicated up to 250,000 motorists fall asleep at the wheel every year. The combination of drowsy motorists, and drowsy semi-truck drivers can be a lethal.

Drowsy driving accidents are preventable. Their prevalence shows that many drivers show a negligent disregard for their safety, and the safety of fellow motorists. When a truck driver operating a semi-truck falls asleep at the wheel, they turn their 80,000 truck into an unguided missile. When that missile strikes a passenger vehicle and kills someone, 98% of the time it's the driver or passengers of the smaller vehicle.

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