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Parents Vigilant After Slip And Fall Accidents

Each year close to 10 million Americans make a trip to the emergency room after a slip and fall accident. Bumps, bruises, broken bones are the most common complaints, but traumatic brain injury represents a significant risk. After a child is involved in a slip and fall accident, parents must remain aware of the warning signs of concussion and other brain injuries, and inform their doctor and slip and fall attorney when they notice a change in health or behavior.

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Brain trauma is almost always followed by confusion or a feeling of walking in a daze. Children may not immediately realize where they are, forget where they were going, or move slower than usual. If the confusion is accompanied by complaints about light sensitivity or seeing stars, there's a good chance the child has more than just a bump on the head.

Memory Problems

Older children may report problems with memory or concentration. Swelling in the brain causes headaches that cause physical pain, and the concussion can lead the mind to wander or daydream. Coupled with the inability to recall what happened before or after the slip and fall accident, these symptoms point to a concussion.

Loss of Balance

Clumsiness is not an uncommon trait in children, but a concussion will cause the problem to grow much worse. Children may have trouble walking or running, finding themselves unsteady on their own feet. Parents of very young children will want to consult with their doctor if they notice their child having problems with walking or crawling, because only the doctor can tell if the symptoms are a result of natural clumsiness or brain trauma.


Parents looking for an external sign to report to a doctor or slip and fall attorney should take note of increased irritability. A child suffering from concussion may not understand the sudden onset of headaches or noise sensitivity, and will often react by becoming overly irritable and cranky. Concussions may also prevent the child from sleeping through the night, which leads to fatigue and further complicates the other symptoms.

The signs of concussion may take several minutes or several days to develop, and a child may not be able to adequately describe his or her symptoms. It's up to parents to look for obvious warning signs, reporting them to a doctor and a slip and fall attorney.

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