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Slip-and-fall most common cause of brain injuries


Brain injuries are an increasingly prevalent problem in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 136 traumatic brain injury-related deaths occur in American every day. While there are several leading causes of TBIs, slip-and-fall injuries currently lead the pack, accounting for more than 40 percent of all cases. This statistic is of particular concern for a personal injury attorney in Tennessee, since Tennessee's Department of Health reports slips-and-falls, car accidents and violence as the state's top three causes of brain injury.

Causes of slip-and-fall accidents

While Tennessee's youngest and oldest residents are at the highest risk for slip-and-fall accidents, they can happen to anyone. Something as simple as a wet floor can cause a catastrophic accident, as can uneven pavement, inadequate lighting, loose dirt or gravel or any number of other everyday situations. For instance, maybe a patron walks down the aisle of a neighborhood grocery store, takes a nasty fall, and bumps his or her head because store employees failed to properly clean up a spilled jar of pickles. This is just one example of a common slip-and-fall situation that can result in a TBI.

Brain injury types

Brain injuries range from mild to severe, and occur when the head is bumped, jolted or penetrated in such a manner that typical brain functions are hindered. Severe brain injuries are categorized in one of two ways, according to the CDC. A "closed" injury is one that results from brain movement within the skull. A "penetrating" brain injury, as the name suggests, occurs when the brain is affected by a foreign object entering the skull.

Devastating effects

Survivors of TBIs caused by slips or falls often find themselves facing a wide array of physical and mental hardships, as well as mounting medical bills. While the effects of a TBI vary based on severity, the CDC reports that many sufferers experience problems with vision or hearing, changes in their emotional state or impaired movement, memory or mental capacity. A personal injury attorney in Tennessee knows that brain injuries often affect not just the individual, but any family members or dependents as well.

Who should be held accountable for a TBI caused by a slip-and-fall?

While slips, falls and many other common causes of TBIs are often accidents, in some cases they may be the result of another person's negligent actions. Tennessee residents who suspect they may have experienced a TBI may want to contact a personal injury attorney in Tennessee to discuss their situation.

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