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June 2015 Archives

What is considered a manufacturer defect?

In Tennessee, products liability lawsuits are governed by the Tennessee Products Liability Act. This law provides a way for consumers to sue companies that sell defective products. There are several different categories of products liability, one of which is manufacturing defect. As any product liability lawyer in Tennessee knows, pursuing a manufacturing defect claim requires that plaintiffs satisfy specific burdens of proof.

Learning to live with a serious brain injury

pSadManOnBench_shutterstock_113875279-150x150.jpgBrain injuries are often complex and debilitating. Cognitively, a brain injury may cause lingering issues with concentration, memory, reasoning, communication and impulse control. Brain injuries can also produce physical impairments, including sensory losses, pain, muscle weakness and partial paralysis. For most victims, these symptoms can prove highly disabling.

3 types of records you will need for your SSD application

disability-appeal-150x150.pngSocial Security Disability benefits are only available to people who suffer from disabling conditions that preclude any form of gainful employment. As any Tennessee SSD attorney could confirm, people seeking SSD benefits must provide extensive documentation to prove they meet these criteria. The Social Security Administration specifically requires all of the following records to support an application for SSD benefits.

Cellphones are not the only distractions for truckers

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, commercial drivers' inattention to the road is a major contributor to large-truck crashes. A 2009 study found that in 71 percent of cases, such accidents occurred when truckers were not focused on driving. As any Tennessee truck accident attorney would know, combating such behavior requires a full understanding of what causes driver distraction. Cellphone use, a commonly-discussed source of distraction, is not the only thing that may affect a driver's concentration.

Lower your risk of getting into a truck accident with these 3 tips

pSemiOnRoad_Depositphotos_24477957_m-300x200.jpgTruck crash fatalities rose by 27 percent between 2009 and 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Predictions by the American Trucking Association indicate that the number of tractor trailers on the roadways will experience significant growth over the next six years. The increase in heavy freight traffic may cause a car accident lawyer in Tennessee to be concerned that collisions will continue their upward trend. Safety experts recommend that passenger vehicle drivers follow safety precautions to lower the risk of a crash with a large truck.

Do your homework before accepting that insurance company settlement

pShatteredWindshield_Depositphotos_10952398_m-300x200.jpgThere were more than 117,000 motor vehicle crashes in Tennessee in 2014, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. More than 30,000 of these resulted in injuries and fatalities. All of them involved some kind of property damage. The American Automobile Association estimates that traffic crashes lead to a societal cost of nearly $300 billion each year. On an individual level, the costs can be devastating.

Can an addiction to drugs or alcohol affect SSD eligibility?

pJunkieAndNeedle_Depositphotos_23137164_m-300x200.jpgSocial Security uses strict rules to determine whether people qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security does not consider people disabled if drug or alcohol use contributes substantially to their conditions. Given this rule, many people think receiving SSD benefits while fighting or recovering from addiction is impossible. However, as any Social Security lawyer in Tennessee knows, a substance addiction doesn't always preclude a person from receiving benefits.

Can I receive SSD benefits if I have never worked?

pSocialSecurityCardsW2_Depositphotos_26220651_m-300x184.jpgPeople who can't work gainfully due to disabling conditions may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Many Tennessee residents may think these benefits are only available to people who worked before their disabilities began. As a Tennessee disability attorney knows, Social Security Disability Insurance eligibility does depend on work history and earnings. However, other benefits may be available to disabled individuals who have never worked.

When does Social Security consider a condition disabling?

People seeking Social Security disability benefits generally suffer from severely disabling conditions. However, as any Tennessee Social Security lawyer can confirm, claim denial is a fairly common outcome for SSD applicants. According to a Social Security report, over 50 percent of 2010 claims were initially denied for medical reasons. This high rate reflects the fact that debilitating conditions don't always qualify as disabling under Social Security's standards. 

Motorcycle accidents often caused by motorists' failure to yield

pMotorcycleRider_Dollarphotoclub_818740-150x150.jpgThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that motorists' failure to yield to motorcycles is a major issue. In 35 percent of cases involving a motorcycle and another vehicle, drivers did not yield right-of-way to motorcyclists. In comparison, motorcyclists failed to yield in only 4 percent of cases. As a motorcycle accident attorney in Tennessee might note, these statistics indicate that properly yielding to motorcycles may have prevented these accidents.

Mental health conditions and SSD

pSickLibrarian_Dollarphotoclub_19005451-200x300.jpgEvery May, Mental Health Month serves as a reminder that millions of Americans, including many here in Tennessee, live with mental disorders. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that mental illness affects about one-quarter of U.S. adults. These illnesses can have wide-ranging impacts, and victims often experience significant cognitive or physical impairments.

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