Were You Hurt By A Defective Product?

When manufacturers fail to make safe, functional products and people suffer injuries as a result, they have a right to pursue compensation through Erwin product liability claims. If you have been hurt using a defective product, you may face serious or even permanent injuries. Unfortunately, the responsible company may have significant resources to fight your claim. Our product liability lawyers at Law Offices of Seaton & Bates, PLLC can help you protect your rights and seek fair compensation for your injuries. We can also file a wrongful death suit if you have lost your loved one from a defective product.

We Handle All Types Of Claims

Almost any kind of product has the potential to endanger users if it is made negligently. Our personal injury attorneys represent people in product liability claims involving a variety of products, including defective vehicles, power tools, machinery, children's toys and medical or pharmaceutical products.

Our product liability attorneys are deeply familiar with consumer rights and product liability laws. We are prepared to perform a detailed investigation to determine whether the product that caused your injury was defective due to design, shipping or failure to warn. We can then gather evidence to help you establish the following things:

  • The product was defective due to the actions of a designer, manufacturer, shipper or another party involved in production and distribution.
  • You suffered a personal injury because of the defect.
  • You were using the product as intended and as it was produced when you suffered your injury.

Our defective product attorneys can also help you pursue the full amount of damages available. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and any long-term physical consequences of the injury. We can ensure that you don't overlook any of the consequences of your personal injury when filing your product liability lawsuit.

Taking Action After An Injury

If you have been hurt because of a defective product, you should seek medical attention and set aside the product without attempting to alter or repair it. If you were hurt in a construction accident or some other workplace setting, and you do not have access to the product, contacting a product liability attorney quickly is crucial.

Our product liability lawyers are ready to assist you in making a product liability claim as well as seek compensation for auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents and medical malpractice injuries. Contact Law Offices of Seaton & Bates, PLLC today at 800-282-1021 to schedule a free case evaluation with a defective product attorney.