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Why Tennessee intersections are so dangerous

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2019 at 3:39 pm    

It’s logical to assume that if you are alert and cautious behind the wheel every time you drive, you increase your chances of safely arriving at your intended destinations. Numerous types of roadway situations can increase your risk of injury, such as intersections. In fact, approximately half of all motor vehicle collisions in Tennessee and across the country occur at crossroads.

Even if you see potential danger at an intersection, you may not be able to react quickly or safely enough to avoid a problem. Another driver’s negligence may turn your otherwise safe and uneventful car trip into a disastrous situation. The more you know about intersection safety, the better; it’s also good to know where to seek medical and legal support if you suffer an injury in an intersection collision.

Driver negligence makes intersections high-risk locations

Numerous types of driving behavior are irresponsible and, in fact, may violate Tennessee traffic regulations. Such behavior also places you at great risk for serious injury. The following list includes actions you should never do while you are navigating an intersection as well as behaviors that place you at great risk when other drivers are negligent:

  • Cutting lanes: Part of intersection safety involves making sure you’re in the correct lane when you approach a crossroads. If a driver suddenly cuts across a traffic line to get into a turning lane, for instance, a collision is far more likely to occur.
  • Blind spots: If you pull up to an intersection that has multiple lanes, you want to make sure you are not in another driver’s blind spot. If the driver to your left or right can’t see you in his or her mirror, a collision might occur if that driver decides to switch lanes.
  • Traffic lights and stop signs: Intersections that have traffic lights or stop signs installed are known as secured crossroads. However, such devices only help keep travelers safe if drivers stop at the proper times.

Since there are various types of intersections, it is critical that you familiarize yourself with the rules and safety regulations for roundabouts, secured and unsecured crossroads, and other navigation situations. No matter how cautious you are, however, if a negligent driver crashes into your vehicle, your life may be forever changed. Intersection collisions often lead to litigation in civil court when recovering victims seek legal accountability against those who caused their injuries.

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