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What does medical malpractice look like?

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2019 at 3:39 pm    

As a Tennessee resident who has recently suffered damages during, before, or after a medical procedure, you may be wondering: is this a result of medical malpractice? Did negligence lead to this outcome? The Law Offices of Seaton & Bates, PLLC, are here to help define medical malpractice so you know what to look for.

Medical malpractice, at its most basic definition, is the failure of medical practitioners to meet “acceptable standards of care”. The causes of malpractice can vary. In one case, it might be due to negligence because the hospital staff is overworked and tired. In another case, it could be a staff actively cutting corners to try to lower costs. In certain cases, members of medical staff may be intentionally neglectful or even abusive toward patients.

In all cases, the actions (or lack thereof) have led to the suffering of the patient in question and did not meet the standards of care for that hospital, city, state, or so on. That isn’t to say that all bad outcomes are related to malpractice, however. Due to the nature of medical treatments, there are cases in which the doctor and medical staff can do everything according to standards and still have a bad outcome. This is where many people have difficulty deciding if their case involves malpractice.

If you have suffered due to medical malpractice or negligence during your time of need, take a look at our webpage here on medical malpractice. You can seek compensation for the damages you have faced, and you can get your life back on track.

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